How It Works

We'll collaborate with you and your team each step of the way. We'll ensure that your new site or app is something that represents you and your brand.

What is your story? Our mission is to deliver your story to the world in a clear, simple, and precise manner. We'll work to draft a mock up site that will give you a good representation of what the end product will look like. Once approvevd, we'll get to work finalizing your site. Let's create something together.

More Than a Pretty Website

Drive Sales. More leads. Deeper engagement with your clients.

We analyze search keywords, conversions, and performance data to make intelligent, smart design sollutions. An effective website is one that engages the customer with interaction. We'll analyze your business data and give you suggestions on how you can reach new customers, and more importantly, how you can use your website to keep those visitors coming back.

Here are three basic principles of what makes a good website:
1. Purpose. A site with a purpose is essential. Ask yourself, “What am I trying to accomplish with this site?” If a site contains pages without any real, clear purpose, get rid of it.
2. Visually appealing. Excellent photos are crucial! It better look great, and it better be mobile friendly. If your site looks like something from 2003 and it's not mobile friendly, your losing a LOT of customers.
3. Easy to navigate. Keep it simple! There's nothing that will drive visitors away faster than a site that's difficult to navigate. Cut down on the wordiness. Your company's history or bio is great but less is often more.

In addition, fast load speeds, SSL encryption, search engine optimiztion, and a responsive design (mobile-friendliness) are all essential. Not to worry, we've got you covered. Contact us now and let's get started building something great together.

Application Development & Automation

Custom Solutions: Using an Excel spreadsheet or Access database to manage your complicated inventory? We're great at creating cloud based solutions to securely manage inventory and complex data.

We created an app for a large government client to manage multiple complex parking decks & lots. Features included an employee signup portal, multiple queues, manage payments, cloud hosting and much more.

We love automation! You should too. We design custom web and desktop applications for businesses who are searching for ways to automate their daily, repetitive, and routine tasks.
Three reasons to use automation:
Reliability - Reduce the chance for human error.
Efficiency - Speed.
Leverage - Spend time focusing on other areas of your business where your time could be used more efficiently.

We developed a ticketing appliation for one large client's call center. The appliation allowed support staff to quickly enter support tickets and retrieve detailed customer information from multiple databases with only a few keystrokes. Help Desk calls that once took 5+ minutes to document and troubleshoot were significantly reduced to under a minute for most issues. A major function of the application was the automation of password resets for multiple applications, the ability for staff to automatically generate and submit computer downtime messages to medical staff, and the ability for Desktop Support Staff to log shift notes electronically.

Contact us and let's work together on a custom application to manage your data and automate your repetitive tasks.

Application Development Fee: $75.00 per hour. Contact us for an estimate.

"The process that once typically took almost an hour to complete can now be done in a few seconds. We couldn't be happier!" -Kyle, Children's of Alabama